Welcome to Jam free!

Belly dancing, Pilates, bell ringing, crochet, willow weaving, aromatherapy, bee keeping, local interest, national campaigns …

These are some of the things we get up to on a Wednesday night. We are all young (ish) women looking for interesting things to do for less than a fiver a month. 

Jam Free is a friendly, vibrant WI based in Albury but for women from all over Guildford and surrounding villages. We’re women of all ages and backgrounds.

Who are we? The Key Jammies-

Diane is our president who has the fun task of ca-joling other members to take part in the zany ideas she comes up with for our different WI evenings. She is a mum of two children and has a full-time job looking after them, sitting on various other community groups and sometimes she is found out and about jogging – much to the embarrasement of her children.

Jane is our German-speaking, knitting, cake-making, tea-drinking NCT teacher and treasurer who took us through the WI resolution asking for more midwives in two minutes. She also works as a teaching assistant in reception and still manages to find enough energy to chase around after her own 9-year-old and 11-year-old.

Ruth is our French-speaking, proofreading secretary, who often talks to herself because nobody answers back. When she’s not ferrying her 10-year-old and 8-year-old to swimming, Guides or ballet, she likes to relax with a cup of tea and some embroidery (preferably with the 10-year-old) but finds it hard to turn off her laptop. 

The Surrey Federation

Jam Free is part of the Downfold Group of Surrey WIs.

The Surrey Federation  have a tradition of fun and friendship, with a strong network of valued friends throughout the county.

More details here.

Join us?

We usually meet on the third Wednesday of the month at

The Memorial Library in Albury (GU5 9AD) from 7.45pm until 10pm.

Drop us a line if you would like to come along to see what our WI branch is all about. 

Guests are requested to contribute £5 and are welcome to two meetings before we encourage you to become full members for an annual membership fee.

Being in the WI is great!